Thursday, December 9, 2010

Time to Catch up

I am sorry that I have not been posting a lot. I will try to do better. So I think it is time to catch up.

Over Thanksgiving break I got to do the coolest thing ever! Guess what it was.? I got to go to my dream college; the Naval Acadamy with my dad and grandpa. It was a lot of fun. During the church reception my grandpa was speeking and he started flipping through pictures of family and memories. When he got to my family picture there was a guy right behind us and he said, "Hey! That is Andy Braner and his wife and kids!" Well then he noticed that we were sitting right in front of him and said hi. After church he said that he knew us because he came to Kanakuk Colorado ( now Camp Kivu ). So that experience was fun. ( Bottum picture )
Now for the snow update. I finally started on the mountain training and dryland training. I am so excited. Today is Thursday and it is almost time for bed and on Saterday I can get on the mountain for/with the team!!!!!!!!!! There is no way that I can wait.
That is it for today ( or this week ) thanks for reeding my blog!!!!!
One last thing. If you know anyone who is or if you are 11-18 will you please suggest or sighn up for Kivu. We are only at 20% YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please and thank you.
-Hays Braner

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