Wednesday, November 3, 2010

1st tri of school over? Almost!

We ar in the last few days of the 1st trimester in school. I am very excited. only 2.25 weeks left.

Hey Camp Kivu ( ) in Durango colorado is having trouble with sighn-ups and we need some help because we might go out of buisness if we do not get enugh sighn-ups so if you are or know anyone who is 11-18 follow these steps. If you are ever on the internet or firefox go to and on the topof the website there is a tab called parents. Hold your mouse over that and then the top left there is a tab register your clild and click on that and regester. Please tell your friends and tell them to tell thier friends and so on and so fourth. thank you so much for doing this.

-Hays Braner

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