Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jean de Dieu

Here he is, Jean de Dieu. He is veary tiny, only 36 pounds and maby 4-5 inches smaller than Dax! We are not going to call him "Ruk" because it does not fit him. We are thinking of calling him Tiki. He is veary notty (is what the nuns say), he loves his mom, and only knows kenarwana. If you show him that a button can be pressed you are in trouble. He likes to do all sorts of puzzles.
I think Rwanda is veary cool, infact I might want to live here when I grow up. During our winter it is summer here, and in the summer it is also rainy season.
Kenna: If you want to work at and orphanige you should be one out here. The orphanige that Tiki was at is nice.
Maggie, Dax, and Gabby: Miss you guys. You will love your new brother to deth.

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