Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Up from the sky the clouds look like ice burgs on an ocan but from down below it looks like a cloudy day or like it is going to rain. I have been on an airplane so much that I have to equilize pretty often and it kind of gits anoing after awile. Speaking of air planes I wrote a story that I want you to read.

Chapter 1

2 hours until our 9 hour flight it seems like I have been waiting for hours, and yet, we still have an hour until we board. I can’t wait until we get to the Philippines and get to swim in the crystal clear ocean and see the beautiful fish and jellyfish.
Right now we are in the airport in Seattle, waiting for the plane to land and get cleaned out.
I’ve been to the Philippians two times already. My first time was probably the best and funniest time because I have never been there and it is funny because for one I don’t speak there language and when they speak English I can hardly understand them. And for two my mom got some food I hade no idea what it was so I asked her what it was, big mistake. Because she said it was “chicken” I believed her so I went to get some and I fell for her trick I ate a hole bunch and she started laughing. I asked why she was laughing and she said she tricked me and she said that it was squid wrapped into a ball! We all started laughing that my sister and I acutely ate squid and liked it.
I can not wait ’till we get there in 30 hours!
Last year we had hats the Philippine people made us and then the security said we could not take them to America and they threw them away, I hated it when they did that because they were the best bamboo hats I have ever had.
While we were waiting, to pass time my brother Dax is playing his PSP, Maggie is on her computer, my other sister Gabby is eating, my dad and mom are also eating. It’s about 5 minutes until we board and we are all anxious to get to the Philippines.

Chapter 2
Onboard the airplane

Finally we are on board the airplane and I am happy because for some reason I get the feeling it is going to be a short flight. Right now we are over the Pacific ocean and I am getting I little tired.
I slept for three hours and it took me a while to wake up, which also took an hour so if you count that I acutely slept 4 hours.
We are almost at Tokyo and we are either dissenting or it is just getting bumpy again. Once we get to Tokyo we have to take a flight to Manila then we spend the night there, then in the morning we take a one hour flight to Palawan, then we take a twenty minuet bus to a dock then we take a 45 minuet boat; and yet we still get there by lunch or breakfast.
We still have a few hundred miles or about one thousand miles left but we are still close. Our 24 hours on an airplane are almost over! When we get there I bet it is going to be pretty cold, what am I thinking, it’s going to be cold, it’s winter.
We are only a couple hundred miles out from Tokyo. I’m so excited because we are almost there; I can hardly sit still.
On the map that I am looking at, Guam is no bigger than the dot that marks it.
The reason I like riding on big jumbo jets that fly across the ocean is because they serve you meals, lunch, breakfast, and dinner. Even in fiesta class is almost just like business class on United. If you travel across the ocean you should travel United or American airlines because they are the best airline and choice for traveling long distances.
We are over land! I can’t wait to stretch my legs and walk on earth, finally.
Chapter 3
We’re here!

We are waiting at the El Nido airport to get on our small one hour plane to El Nido. Then we ride a bus to a dock, then we take a 45 minute boat to Resort Island and then we stop traveling for a week then we do it again.
I am here! The plane ride was actually fun. And it was worth the traveling. You should come here because it’s really fun, and it’s the best and most tropical island in the Philippines. Today I went fishing with my friend Jack. There was 15 people on board the boat, and everyone caught at least one fish. My friend Jack caught two fish, both were small sharks, and I caught one fish and it was a baby tuna.
When we got here we ate breakfast then swam in the ocean. Speaking of food the food here is probably the best food you will ever tats, it is awesome!
The house we are in is in the ocean, so when it is low tide the house is on land and when the tide is high the houses cement stilts are under water. There are 20 of these houses at the resort counting us!

Chapter 4
Doing fun stuff at El Nido

Today we went on a really big sail boat island hopping. We were going to go to a secret beach inside a lagoon but the waves were too big. So we went snorkeling at a beach next to it, and I am so glad we did because I saw a whole bunch of stuff that I have never seen before!
I went scuba diving to try it the other day, and I liked it. So I wanted to get certified so for the next few days I am going to do pool, class, and open water diving. I am so exited to do it! I am going to the open water diving today at 11:00! The pool sessions are actually fun. I am done with my pool and open water sessions, I only have a classroom session today after lunch and if I pass I am a certified scuba diver! On my last open water dive I swam in the middle of a huge school of yellow snapper fish and they were hardly even scarred of me.
Yesterday we went to swim with the jack fish and we saw a whole bunch of them. While we were there my friends Jack and Ben were crabbing so I wanted to join. For bait we used rock cleaner sea snails. All you do is take two rocks [but I used two diving waits] and put a snail in between them and then smash them together and take out the snail then lay it out leave it and crabs will start to come out then after a while come and check on it. If it is gone the crabs ate it but if say 1-2 pieces were missing, the crab is either near by, gone, or still there, just look around you might just find him like Jack and I did.

Chapter 5

Huh, I wish we could stay here for at least a couple more days. Well I at least got to scuba dive and get certified, but I am going to miss this place and OJ.
We just got off the small airplane and we are at the Traders Hotel. Again my brother is on his PSP and not even looking up. My dad is on his computer as usual. My mom and two sisters are in the room 3 doors down from us. It’s morning and it is time to go we met up with Mom and my two sisters at the lobby.
Well we are on the airplane to Tokyo and already 2 hours into the flight. I just watched Beverly Hills Chi Wawa. We are at the Tokyo airport and waiting in a first class lobby where almost everyone is on there computer except for my sister Maggie, she is just coloring.
Wow it seems like a three hour flight but I slept the entire time so only one more 55 minute flight back to Branson then when we get there it would be time for American bed time. Well I am on the air plane we only have about 30 minutes until landing. My mom is 5 seats behind me and my sis is sitting next to me coloring what looks like a shark and a few other colorful fish that she saw.

Chapter 6

Well we are home, I really liked writing this you is like my pal that I can tell every thing to. It is past bedtime so goodnight.

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