Saturday, January 10, 2009

This is retarded and cool [if you love legoes]

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Jenna Miller said...

Hi Hays. It is Jenna from California, I haven't seen you since summer of '03 when you were like 4 1/2. I worked in the kitchen and I am good friends with your dad and mom. I used to dig up worms with you at KCO...but you were probably too little to remember those days. Anyhow, I known you are now in 4th grade and I teach 4th grade so I have been showing your blog to my students. They love it. The boys are especially excited about your star wars lego men videos. Anyways, I was wondering if your class may be interested in pen pals from CA. If so ask your teacher and let me know. My email is Keep up the good blogging Hays!