Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This used to be Gab's flag. Its the Rwanda flag. We are still waiting for the letter saying that we can go get Lionel; who also lives in Rwanda. I think Gabby cant wait either.

If you have not seen my dads blog you should. You can get to it from my blog on the right hand side. Or just log on to andybraner.com its allot of fun.

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bodee said...

Hays - What a great job you do as a BlogMaster! I love your photos and writings; thank you for sharing your thoughts and words. You do a great job sharing your ideas, including photos and graphics, AND with your writing skills.
Here's some information you might enjoy: We have friends expecting a baby boy and we want them to name him HAYS! (that was his grandmom's maiden name AND it also would make me think of YOU:-)
Have a Happy Tuesday tomorrow. Love to you from Bodee (Elliott's gma)