Monday, October 6, 2008

Welcome to Hays World

Hi! I'm Hays. Thanks for stopping by. We're gonna have some fun with this. Leave comments as much as you like, and I'll be happy to answer them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hays,
I'm so glad you're now blogging. Maybe I can keep up with all the fun you're having now. Great picture by the way....great haircut!!! Did Gabby and Dax like your pumpkin?? I painted mine today...two witches legs! I'll send you a picture.
Love you,

Mrs. McKoy said...

I like the blog. I am excited to hear about your year and life as a 4th grader! I hope it is challenging for you as well as fun. I will check back often. Good luck in football!

THOR said...

Finally i have a solid way to keep up with you!!!! Whats up bud!! Glad to hear all is well! Knock someone out this season. Remember to tackle with your head up. Make every tackle with your eyes not your helmet. Miss you hommie and cant wait to hang out soon. You blow anything up lately?